Born and bred in a Pentecostal household by parents who wholeheartedly served God, the General Overseer of Fire Fountain Ministries International, Prophet Daniel D. Danquah and the individuals surrounding him knew that he was destined to become a God appointed minister who will spiritually lead nations.

With the nickname of ‘Sofo’, meaning ‘pastor’ in the Akan language, Prophet became a spiritual storyteller at the age of ten to many individuals. His full dedication to serve the Lord came to pass after a powerful prophesy came through at a special church event on old years’ eve. That message, was a special calling from God to serve Him with his God-given gift.

Shortly after the prophesy, Prophet decided to act on that calling by visiting the famous Atwea prayer mountain in Kumasi, Ghana and started his powerful 21-day fasting and prayer session. During that session, he crossed paths with a Prophet, named Akwasi Antwi who was a spiritual leader of a successful ministry named Great Fire Ministry. Noticing Prophet’s gift, Prophet Antwi took him under his wing, became his spiritual mentor and supported him in reaching his potential as a spiritual leader. Prophet Danquah served and led a ministry of 1000+ members for 10+ years and completed his biblical studies at Shailo Bible Training Centre in Kumasi to fully equip himself as a future leader of the nation.

Today, Prophet Daniel D. Danquah is a spiritual father and mentor to many individuals worldwide. His dedication, resilience and faith has become an immense support and blessing to others and strengthened many spiritual journeys. His dedication to preach the gospel and lead congregations in prayer will continue to be his epitome in fulfilling God’s calling.

Prophet is happily married to the first lady of FFMI, Mrs. Gifty Danquah and a proud father of four children, Daniel Jr., Havilah, Angel and Azariah.