Fire Fountain Ministry International



The starting point of the ministry commenced shortly after Prophet Danquah’s move to the United Kingdom from Ghana. A life changing encounter occurred in his fourty day fasting and prayer session where God revealed a prophesy and a name that He wanted Prophet to act on.


God’s spoken word to Prophet about establishing His ministry and using his gift to lead the nation came into existence in 2013, where Fire Fountain Ministry International was born.

In an apartment with its first seven members, including four adults and three children, Prophet led the small congregation in worship and prayer.


The power of God’s presence in the first few services became the word of mouth message in winning more souls for Christ. Shortly after, the ministry established itself at a new location on Balaam street, East London due to the rapid growth in incoming members. The ministry was solely focused on its counselling services and its well-known War Night vigil, taking place on a weekly basis.


The Sunday services commenced a year after the successful fellowship services at Balaam Street. God’s presence and Prophet’s spiritual leadership have transformed many lives where individuals have testified to the wonders and miracles that they have witnessed. The continuous growth in incoming members, led to another successful move to Bidder Street, East London.


Today, Fire Fountain Ministries International is an international worship and prayer centre in East London, visited by 100+ individuals on a weekly basis. The ministry’s membership currently stands at 150 and counting, with over five internal ministries and ambitious future plans to expand and win more souls worldwide.